Monday, November 25, 2019

Uk: And their use of the 'race card' in which to excuse black on black violence.

(Birmingham)  On Saturday , the UK was shocked to hear about how the Starcity cinema plex getting shut down due to mass gang fights involving up to 100 youths,

Resulting in calls for reinforcements who quickly turned up some armed with machetes. 

Ground zero for the above was the screening of the film 'Blue story' which tells the story of 2 black friends in London who find themselves on the opposing gangs.

The film opened in 60 Vue centre venues on friday and within 24 hours incidents of violence had been reported at 23 of them, the worst the Uk has witnessed on any showing of a film so the cinema chain along with 2 others have decided to axe the film.  And now the usual suspects have taken to playing the race card saying that banning a film about black gang violence which has resulting in incidents of black violence is racist and that actually the fights came from people queuing up to see Frozen 2

Meanwhile the UK continues to suffer from the plague of mass gang violence with last Tuesday being the day when the violent death count for 2019 surpassed the violent death count for 2018 in London.