Saturday, November 2, 2019

Israel: Hamas launches mass missile strike on Israel, IDF pounds Hamas sites

(Israel) So in my previous post I pointed out the penchant for Islamic jihadists to murder, death kill on a friday so as to be rewarded with a fast entry into heaven. Well it appears that Hamas fully subscribe to that mindset and late friday evening they decided to teach those pesky jews next door a lesson by launching 2 salvos of missiles aimed at peoples homes on Friday evening .

The Israeli short range missile defence system Iron dome  (Which only targets missiles heading for homes) managed to stop 8, however 1 landed on a home in the town of Sderot
In response the IDF carried out airstrikes on Hamas assets inside Gaza.
Its quite clear that Hamas (which has started receiving Iranian aid to the tune of $30 million a month , is simply testing the Iron dome system for its masters in Tehran , so as to allow them to find ways in which to defeat the system. All of which points to a plan of action of a mass assault on the Jewish state, utilising assets Iran has in the area, (Hezb-allah to the north, Iranians in Syria and of course Hamas in Gaza) Interestingly, the Muslim brotherhood in Jordan (Who are on friendly terms with iran) are currently behind a raft of unrest in Jordan, if they were able to gain power over the King of Jordan, Israel would be virtually surrounded by hostile nations. what makes all of the above more worrying for the Jewish state is that Tehran revealed last month an upgrade kit that appears to convert unguided surface-to-surface rockets into guided weapons. Now if these start getting delivered to both hezb-allah and Hamas expect a blood letting of genocidal proportions which no doubt the anti-Semitic European countries will have no problem blaming on the jews. (And I'm from an Islamic background saying this)