Sunday, November 3, 2019

Ireland: Irish Special forces carry out secret mission to rescue ISIS bride (Part 2)

(Dublin) Once in Syria Smith met British Jihadist Sajid Aslam who had left England in 2014 and was already married to Northern Irish girl Lorna Moore, who was jailed by the British authorities for trying to following him with their 3 children in 2016 and before she could utter the words; "Allaha ackba" She was married to Aslam and they lived happily with their daughter, him murdering for the cause, and she apparently teaching children how to use weapons (Whilst she has denied that claim Numerous children have pointed her out)

 Sajid Aslam

That is,until the ISSI caliphate was smashed into the stoneage by the very people they had been trying to eradicate  and Lisa Smith and child found themselves in a camp for ISIS bikes. There she was found by the media and like most ISIS thugs, she played the 'I am a  victim' card" That she had never picked up a gun, that the Jihadist who made her his second wife was beating her and that all the claims about ISIS (Murder/Death/kill) was simply propaganda.

She also stated that she wanted to do was return home to Ireland in which to live a simple Islamic life. well it appears the Irish Government agrees and has sent the Irish special forces to Syria in which to bring their girl home. For some strange reason a lot of Irish people don't agree with their government, but don't worry ISIS fans, Ireland is part of the EU and they will simply refer to anybody who objects to  sending Irish Special forces to rescue ISIS terrorists as racists in which to silence them. However it has just been reported that ISIS Bride Smith has now refused to return to Ireland. Watch this space.