Sunday, November 17, 2019

Iran: Mass protests grip the country.

(Tehran) The Mad mullahs of Iran have spent a lot of the countries oil wealth these past 40 years in promoting their brand of Islam amongst the unbelievers. This it achieves by sowing the seeds of dissent in countries such as : Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria in which to allow its proxies to take root. All of the above has cost the Iranians a lot of money. 

As you can see a lot of money (Which was around $16 billion a year in Jan 18)  which could have gone to building a real Shangri-La in the Middle East. Instead Iran is an economic mess, which compounded with nepotism and graft sees Iran mirroring the likes of Venezuela and Nigeria regards living standards for the plebs. Years of sanctions didn't help Iran, but the Iran nuclear deal framework signed in 2015, freed up over $100 billion and yet very little of than money was spent on improving the country, which is why when the US pulled out of that deal last year, the effects really hit home, resulting in the Mullahs having to scrimp and save at home, whilst lavishing their terrorists buddies abroad with loads of cash.The latest of which was a doubling in the price of petrol and the reduction of what you can buy. Not happy, people have taken to the streets on mass in which to protest; Islamic schools have been burnt down,
Roads have been blocked
In response the Mullahs have refused to back down, informing the people that are been played by outside forces and have sent in the troops to violently quell the protesters.

This has been backed up by the mullahs shutting down the entire internet network, in which to stop people communicating what is happening. Currently it is been reported that over 30 people have been killed which kind of explains this.
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