Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Thailand: Terrorists fighting for independence kill 15 in Muslim-majority south of coutnry

(Yala Province)  As elsewhere in the world a minority of Muslims living in  non Muslim majority Thailand aren't happy living in peace with others and have taken to the bullet, bomb and knife in which to force the Thai government to allow them to cede from the country.

Since 2004, these Islamic religious bigots have murdered over 6500 people in the the three southernmost provinces of Thailand and parts of a fourth which border Malaysia to the south.

Last night these terrorists murdered 15 people in cold blood when they attacked a checkpoint in the southern part of Yala province , after sating their blood lust these terrorists dropped explosives and nails on the road to hinder any pursuit by the police. The irony here is, when these idiots win any region and call it their own (Kosovo/Pakistani Kashmir) the first thing they do is leave on mass for countries which aren't Islamic in which to seek a better life