Friday, November 29, 2019

UK: Knifeman shot dead on London bridge

(London) Its friday, the day when the followers of a certain faith are taught that if they are taken out whilst carrying out an act of unholy jihad, then they are guaranteed a spot in heaven. So it was today on central London when 28 year old Usman Khan, decided to go out with a bang when he proceeded to stab 5 people at Fishmongers’ Hall, before running onto London bridge (scene of a previous terror attack 2 years ago) . Problem for him was the public was having none of his antics and jumped him, pinned him down and waited till the old bill arrived and was shot in which to ensure that he did go out with a bang, but not the way he intended.

Video filmed at the scene around 2pm this afternoon shows people struggling with a man on the ground before armed police officers step in. The officers tell the people on top of the suspect to move away, before dragging the last bystander to safety and opening fire and just to make sure, shit him again due to the fact he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest.