Friday, March 24, 2017

Yemen: Iran supplying Houthi rebels with suicide drones.

(Aden) Whilst the ethical latte crowd bemoan the West for being friends with Saudi Arabia which is supporting the Yemeni government against rebels , they conveniently omit that actually everything in the region kicked off due to the mad mullahs in Iran sticking their oar into the country in which to initiate a regime change to one which was sympathetic to  Tehran,

Anyway with the left bemoaning arms sales to SA, they still haven't managed to explain how a ragtag bunch of misfits (Houthi) managed to take control of the country (well the western half anyway) or how they have managed to get hold of advance weaponry (Scud missiles, Anti-ship missiles, remote control speed boats)  For years the Yemeni Government has accused the Iranians of shipping in weapons to the rebels, and for years the Mad mullahs have said 'Err not me governor' . 

Well the latest shipment which has been intercepted (There's been loads) contained advanced suicide drones. (A UAV which loiters around and when a target is spotted it can be directed to dive down onto it) whilst the media loves to report Saudi Arabian air-strikes in Yemen, they tend not to report with the same vigour that Saudi Arabia has been under Scud missile attack from Yemen for a while, whilst a few do get through , the vast majority have been intercepted by SA Patriot missile system.
In order to bypass the Patriot System, Iran has supplied the rebels with the above suicide drone (most likely they have also supplied the operators as well) and they have started crashing these drones into the radar of the Patriot missile systems in which to ensure that their missiles get through. Which may help explain why SA used a Patriot the other week to take down a drone.  Yes something of an overkill, But if you are going to lose a multi million pound radar and then face a ballistic missile attack afterwards what else can you do.

It appears that the Iranian propaganda machine is much more effective at fighting than  the terrorists the Mad mullahs fund,  Funny enough the idiots at CND, stop the war and Amnesty International  leave out the silent partner which has been supplying the rebels with weapons.  But then I am talking about that CND which stated that Iran has a right to Nuclear power ,the same CND which invited the Iranian ambassador to talk at the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s Annual Conference in 2005, That Amnesty which used a former jailed terrorist as their ambassador for human rights and here are 15 things about the ISIS loving Stop the War crowd. Funny how the left whilst bemoaning the West have no problem sitting at the same table as the worse Islamic terrorists going.