Saturday, March 11, 2017

Germany: Shopping centre shut down and placed under armed guard over multiple suicide bomber threat.

(Essen) Early Saturday morning over a hundred armed police and vans surrounded and sealed off the Limbecker Platz shopping centre in Essen after German security services received a very credible threat warning of an imminent terrorist attack.

The threat has been reported as a potential multiple suicide bombing upon the popular Shopping centre which attracts around 60,000 every Saturday.  As well as the Shopping centre nearby parking garages and an underground rail station were all placed in lockdown.

 A press release to the media stated:
“Yesterday, we received very serious indications from security sources that a possible attack was planned here for today and would be carried out. That is why we were forced to take these measures."
The shut-down of Limbecker Platz shopping center comes days after a Kosovan Muslim went on the rampage with an axe 20 miles away at the main train station in Düsseldorf.

 So far police have revealed they have made 2 arrests regards the threat.