Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gaza: Hamas threatens War if Israel retaliates after rocket atatcks

(Gaza City) Under the new stewardship of their latest leader, Hamas has taken to launch rocket after rocket against its much larger neighbour these past few weeks. Israel in turn has bitch slapped the so called peace loving terrorists of Hamas in which to send the message: "Don't mess".

So, in a nutshell, Hamas launches missile attacks against Israel, Israel fights back. Apparently that isn't right according tot he nut jobs who run Hamas and so they have issued an edict primarily for the consumption of the ethical latte drinkers out there which states:
That if it (Israel)  attacks the Gaza Strip again, the coastal enclave that Hamas movement rules, Gaza militants will fire back.
Abu Obeida, the spokesman for Hamas armed wing, said on his Twitter account:
"Apparently, the enemy only understands the language of force, and keeping silent would be wrongly understood that we are weak. Any upcoming aggression similar to what happened on Monday, then the armed resistance in Gaza, led by al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas armed wing, will say their final word," "If armed resistance gives a promise, it fulfils it, and the coming days will reveal it."
Funny how this new batch of Islamic hostilities has kicked off after the locals of Gaza have started openly complaining about Hamas rule.