Saturday, March 4, 2017

Egypt: Police raid sees 4 terrorists killed

(Cairo) When the Egyptian police received information that Samih Mohamed Farahat, a leading figure of an extremist cell, was planning to hold a meeting with his cell’s members in the El Mansouria district in the Giza governorate of Cario in which to coordinate a terrorist attack in the near future, it seemed to somebody at the top of the food chain that capturing these religious bigots alive would be a good idea. Problem here was, they were spotted creeping up on them, and when the terrorists pulled out their guns and shouted
“You’ll never take me alive, copper!”
the police opened up with theirs. The resulting shootout saw 4 terrorists go to that great mosque in the ground. The thing is, Islamic terrorists have no problem dying for the cause, and thus taking them alive was a silly idea from the very beginning. On the plus side, 4 blood-thirsty thugs are dead.