Wednesday, March 1, 2017

UK: Liberals complain that too many people are reading books written by white people

(London) The British Royal Society of Literature has just carried out a survey of 2000 people (there are over 64 million people in the UK) and they found that despite 81% of respondents saying they liked literature because it promotes empathy, only 7% of the 400 writers they cited were from black, Asian or minority ethnic (Bame) backgrounds (more like blame). William Shakespeare took the top slot, followed by Charles Dickens. But more contemporary names would raise eyebrows among the literary establishment: Dan Brown featured at No 11, Danielle Steele at 18 and Jeffrey Archer at 19. In the entire list, only 28 authors were black or Asian, and in each case the Bame writer was nominated by only one respondent to the survey.

And guess what? The ethical latte crowd simply don’t like that. Sunny Singh, who co-founded the Jhalak prize to address the lack of recognition for Bame writers in Britain, said the list highlighted
“a deeply entrenched imaginative conservatism, where the need to hold onto a nostalgic past combines with a fear of confronting a complex present in all its complexity and variety”.
Bloody typical. Those so called enlightened people, who you can bet are at the front of the queue when it comes to berating President Trump as some sort of bigot, have no problem dictating to others what they should or should not read. Myself, I don’t give a tosh what colour an author is. If he/she writes well, then I will read the damn thing. If I don’t, then I ditch the damn thing. What a bunch of dumb asses, which explains why they look down on the readers of Danielle Steele, Jeffery Archer and Dan Brown.