Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweden: Samir arrested at Nordstan shopping centre after stabbing

(Gothenburg.) I wrote the other day how immigrant gangs have turned a shopping centre in Sweden in a warzone, due to rapes, muggings and theft.  Well what do you know, within days of me posting that, video coverage of an 18 year old Immigrant been chased through the shopping centre after he stabbed another in the throat has been released. 

It appears that drugged up 18 year old Samir (A good Swedish name if ever) decided to stab a 18 year Morrocan in the throat at 8am on Tuesday morning at the Nordstan. The victim and others try to escape but they are followed by Samir, who then batters his victim with an Iron bar. All this transpired at 8am during rushhour in full sight of a lot of shocked commuters. Samir was arrested after a short chase and has been charged with attempted murder.