Saturday, January 28, 2017

Somalia: Terrorist attack on African Union base at least 68 dead.

(Mogadishu) An al Shabab attack on an Kenyan forward operating base (FOB)  17 miles from the Kenyan border saw at least 68 soldiers killed. The attack on Friday saw 2 VIED strike the camp , these were followed up by a mass infantry attack. Unfortunately the initial blasts, resulted in 2 of the 4 platoons based at the camp been told to fall back by their commanders to pre destined rally points. whilst they fell back, they left the other 2 platoons unsupported and without those additional 72 soldiers, the FOB was overrun. Initial reports state that at least 68 Kenyan soldiers were killed.

However the Kenyans gave as good as they got and took out at least 70 thugs belonging to the Saleh Nabhan faction of Al- Shabab whom they will be hard pressed to replace.