Monday, April 11, 2016

UK: Muslim Councillor suspended for praising Hitler tweets.

(Luton) Labour the official party in opposition in the Uk, has been under the spotlight of late for the reporting of the large number of anti-Semites  within its ranks. Oh  they make a huge song and dance that it isn’t wrong to question  Zionism, but when your party leader is a fully paid up supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran it doesn’t take much for somebody to make the small jump from question the ways of Zionists to becoming a full blown forming at the mouth racist bigot who while subscribing to the edict that all men are born equal, that actually Jews deserve to be wiped out.

Say hello to 20 year old Aysegul Gurbuz, the Labour councillor for the high town ward of Luton a large town around 32 miles north of London.  

Who after it was found she tweeted the following:

Was suspended (As of today she has since resigned.) As usual a petty excuse was offered for the Hitler tweet:
She said  "multiple people" had had access to her account. "I am horrified to read back what was written and I apologise for them in their entirety", she said.

Muslims have written into their DNA, an open hatred of jews. This all boils down to the fact that when the founder of Islam demanded the jews of Arabia to convert to Islam they refused.  Since that day, Muslims have gone well out of their way in which to make the life of Jews as uncomfortable as possible.  Miss Girbuz is simply doing what her holy books tells her to do when it comes to the Jew.

The thing is the British left have taken it up as well. Which kind of explains why the British Police haven't arrested her, however when a white man tweeted that he asked a Muslim woman to explain the terrorist attacks in Belgium , they banged him up faster than they could utter "Allah Ackba"