Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Labour MP: Nazi Shah suspended for her racist view points

(London) What is it with British socialists and their love affair with radical Islam which allows them to throw all their so called humanitarian values out the window and become foaming at the mouth racist bigots. Just this past week 3 European MPs have had to resign regards their bigoted ways. Granted all three were Muslims, but the fact remains not only are they allowed to peddle their religious derived hatred, but their fellow non Islamic red card carrying members, not only support them, they actually subscribe to radical Islamic views.

Is that a Seig Heil from Nazi Shah?
Today saw British Labour MP Naz Shah suspended from party over the anti-Semitism row to hit the left of centre British opposition party. It seems that only 2 years ago Miss Shah decided to tweet what she thought would be the ideal solution for Israel. Funny enough if you add an i into her name, you can see exactly where she got that so called final solution from.(Naz (i) Shah). Here is one of her tweets:

like a true Muslim, Miss Nazi Shah has expressed remorse at being caught out and offered the most humble apology going.
“I hope you will allow me to say that I fully acknowledge that I have made a mistake and I wholeheartedly apologise to this house for the words I used before I became a member,” she said.  I accept and understand that the words I used caused upset and hurt to the Jewish community and I deeply regret that. Antisemitism is racism, full stop. As an MP I will do everything in my power to build relations between Muslims, Jews and people of different faiths and none.”
The thing, is it appears that Nazi Shah isn't sorry at all, here are a few more tweets which shows that her so called mistake wasn't a one off:

Here's another:
And another:

Then there is the company she keeps, Labour councillor Mohammad Shabbir. Nazi Shah and Cllr Shabbir are very close friends, so much so she employs this racist Islamic bigot at her parliamentary office as one of her aides, he also loves to tweet , tweets which Nazi Shah has no problem supporting:

In fact this Apologist for Islamic Intolerance isn't happy with how Paksitani Muslims have been found to be behind the rapes of thousands of young British school girls and tries in a blog post to blame it on Jews.
Sexual crimes are present and exist in all societies and any person saying otherwise is plainly racist and bigoted. As an example one only needs to look at the case of Catholic priests and the abuse of children[3] or indeed Russian orthodox Jews who are involved in the sex trafficking trade “demand is particularly high among Haredim, the conservative Orthodox Jews, many of whom are regular clients of brothels
When will the left wake up to the fact that Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life and all they are doing in remaining silent on the intolerant ways of the racist Islamic bigot within their midst is setting the stage for recreating the very conditions in each and every Islamic country, where minorities  have no human rights whatsoever . I don't (and won't apologise) for calling this stupid cow a Nazis, she exemplifies all that is wrong with the left in the Uk today , they choose to point at Israel and scream foul play whilst remaining silent on the millions killed by Muslims world wide, the thousands raped by Muslims and demand that we adopt their ways because they can only be victims of everybody else.