Friday, April 8, 2016

Australia purchases 3000 Small Diameter Bombs

(Canberra)  In the past huge fleets of Aircraft were sent against targets in which to bomb the enemy into submission (WW2 ,Korea,Vietnam)  what was found that actually very little damage was done by each air raid and that it took numerous raids which caused a huge amount of collateral damage which in this day and age just isn't acceptable. What was needed was a way to fight the airwar smarter, we saw the first signs of this in the opening air war against Saddam Hussain in 1991, since then the West has taken direct targeting of military targets to a whole new level. None more so than the USAF. One such example is the Small Diameter Bomb.(SDB)   A 250lb bomb which is fitted with a guidance unit allows it to hit within 8 metres of the bulleye, This allows one plane to carry more bombs which allow it to surgically strike more targets to the same effect that a fleet of aircraft couldn't achieve years past.

Well so impressive is the SDB , that quite a few nations use them, yes the ethical latte crowd don't like it when you look funny at a gun totting terrorist , never mind give them a dose of their medicine , but the fact remains by using less bombs, with much smaller warhead, you not only get more bang for your buck, you have less collateral damage. Which explains why Australia has just put in an order for 3000 SDB