Monday, April 11, 2016

Australia: Islamic prisoner attacks cell mate, carves ISIS term on victim's forehead.

(Kempsey) Last Thursday  warders at  the Mid-North Coast Correctional Centre in New South Wales locked up  maximum security risk  18 year old Islamic state supporter Bourhan Hraichie with a 40 year old Michael Sean O’Keefe who was deemed as a minimum security risk. Within hours Hraichie had attacked his non-Islamic cell mate, crushed his sternum , placed a towel over his head and poured boiling hot water over it, finally he carved ‘E4E’ which means “Eye for an eye” (which came to prominence last year when ISIS decided to set fire to a Jordanian  pilot) onto his victims forehead.

Bourhan Hraichie
Questions are now been asked why a radical Muslim classed as a high security risk was placed in a cell with a non muslim deemed a low security risk. In fact the general manager of the prison has been stood down. So much for a religion of peace.