Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thailand deports Chinese Muslims back to China

(Bangkok) Thailand has deported around 100 Uighur Muslims, who tried to claim asylum by saying they were Turkish, back to China. The group who sneaked into the country in March 14 started a diplomatic bunfight as their claims had to be checked. Hhowever, Thai government spokesman Werachon Sukhondapatipak told reporters that “some 100″ Uighurs were deported to China on Wednesday after finding “clear evidence they are Chinese nationals”. He also revealed that an earlier group of around “170 Uighurs” were repatriated to Turkey in late June — the first public announcement by Thai authorities of both deportations.

This may explain why the Thai consulate in Istanbul was attacked last night by hundreds of peaceful Turks after the Turkish government complained about the deportations.