Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 2nd, 2015)

(Iraq) The Iraqi army's push into Anbar province saw 30 ISIS idiots killed and 5 vehicles destroyed.

(Yemen) The Houthi rebels shelling of the city of Aden continued today resulting in the deaths of 30 civilians and over 100 injured.

(Afghanistan) A night-time attack on a police checkpoint point in Wardak saw 7 policemen murdered.

(Mali) Six U.N. peacekeepers from Burundi were killed and five others were injured Thursday in an attack on their convoy in the West African nation of Mali, the United Nations has reported.

(Nigeria) Boko Haram terrorists, still smarting after the kicking they received from the armies of all the neighbouring countries they infect, must have come to the conclusion that fighting people with guns who are willing to fight back isn’t fair. So, looking for an easier target, they found the village of Kukawa and murdered 97 people who were praying in the local mosque in which to see the start of that day's fasting.

(Lebanon) A policeman was shot dead and 2 other people wounded when an unidentified gunman opened fire during a dispute among members of the Khuwailed family in the town of Bebnin.

Ramadan death toll is now at 3,078.