Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 1st, 2015)

(Yemen) Shia Houthi militia shelled a neighbourhood in northern Yemen’s Aden province, killing 18 and injuring 70.

A Saudi, soldier posted along the country's southern border with Yemen, has died of wounds sustained from a missile strike launched by Shiite rebels from across the border.

(Lebanon) The Lebanese Army have killed 5 members of the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front on the border with Syria.

(Afghanistan) 73 terrorists and 10 Afghan soldiers have been killed across the country these past 24 hours.

A bunfight between Afghanistani border troops and Pakistani army elements trying to set up a checkpoint inside Afghanistan resulted in 8 Pakistani soldiers killed for 1 Afghan.

(Iraq) ISIS today released yet another video of them carrying out yet another barbaric beheading.

22 members of the Jabour tribe were executed at the hands of ISIS west of Mosul today.

(Pakistan) Gunmen on motorcycles tipped up at a welder's shop today in the city of Quetta and shot dead 3 workers simply for belonging to another faction of Islam. In another targeted killing, a Levies forces constable was shot dead at a check post in Pishin district.

(Egypt) Hours after the murderous attack in the Sinai, Egyptian troops have killed 9 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in a suburb of Cairo.

(Nigeria) A couple of suicide bombers again targeted a hospital in Maiduguri during a visit to the city by the Nigerian Vice President. The first blast at 1030hrs GMT resulted only in the death of the idiot behind the bomb, the second bomb a couple of minutes later, also only killed the idiot behind the bomb, 3 people were also injured.

(Bangladesh) A shoot out between the border police and 2 smugglers saw the smugglers losing their lives.

(Algeria) A terrorist has been killed by the local old bill in an operation near the town of El-Oued Kheraz

Ramadan death toll is now at 2,881.