Thursday, July 2, 2015

About the aid that the latest Gaza Flotilla was ferrying to Gaza

(Israel) The other day, as Watcher reported, a bunch of plucky sailors (Master Bates, Seaman Stains and Rodger the Cabin boy among others) decided to show the world that nasty, racist Israel cannot continue to bully the tiny fiefdom of Gaza and decided to break the so called blockade by sailing a naval flotilla into Gaza Harbour. Of course, like all such blockade breakers, they packed their ships to the gills with aid, because, as we all know, the nasty hooked nose Jews deny those extremely nice and understanding people at Hamas the right to tool up with Iranian weaponry.

Anyway, Master Bates and his merry crew made a huge song and dance about how those pesky Jews had stopped them from taking vital and much needed aid to the poor, starving people living in Gaza.

Well, alone out of the entire world's media, The Washington Post asked these champions of humanity if they could list the aid that the Jews stopped them from conveying to Gaza. So Ann Ighe, a member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition sent this photograph of the aid they carried to Gaza.

Yup, 2 boxes. The larger of the two was a solar panel, and the smaller a nebulizer. The boats did have on board 50 so called activists, which tells me that all these idiots want to do is go back home and say they risked life and limb in which to carry aid to the starving Arabs in Gaza.