Sunday, March 1, 2020

Syria: Turkish forces take huge toll on Assads forces. (Part 1: Overall picture)

(Damascus)  After 30 Turkish soldiers inside Syria were killed in a Syrian airstrike on Thursday, the Turks really ratcheted up a gear in their military adventure inside Syria regards defending the last remaining pocket of Islamist jihadists in Idlib province.

Using it's much larger and technologically advanced military, over the past 24 hours they have taken the battle back to the Syrians and inflicted devastating losses on them , which has allowed the rebels to go on the offensive and take back ground it had lost to the Syrians these past few weeks.

State of play Southern Idlib 01/03/20
The above map shows the Syrians in red and the rebels to the top left in the non red part. The orange line is the current battle front and the green area at the bottom is where the rebels have taken back lost ground. Which can be seen in greater detail below:

Whilst the Syrians aren't mentioning what they have lost these past few days, spotters on the net have counted the following from the readily available videos doing the circuit on Social media:
Due to the collapse of the Syrian front to the south, the rebels , reminiscent of the early days of the war inside Syria have captured huge stocks of arms , ammunition and even armoured vehicles left behind by the Syrian forces, losses the Syrians can't afford to lose.