Thursday, March 12, 2020

Iraq: Rocket attack by Iranian proxies, see's second night of US airstrikes

(Baghdad)  Since the US took out Iranian general Soleimani the other month, the Mullahs have been using their Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMU) proxies inside Iraq in which to carry out hit and run strikes against bases where the US has troops in which to send the message, yup we all know who is actually carrying out these attacks, but according to your rule of law (As opposed to our Sharia law) , you have to prove that it is us carrying out these strikes.

Until last night these missile strikes had been nothing but nuisance attacks, resulting in material damage and deaths amongst Iraqis. However last night strike killed 2 Americans and 1 British female soldier as well as injuring 14 others and last night the US took its gloves off, carrying out numerous strikes on PMU locations across Iraq using F22 ,F35 and F15E. Tonight more of the same with an expanded list of targets, primarily ammunition stores and from the videos and pictures released , it seems that the US has been hitting the right targets..