Sunday, March 15, 2020

ISIS: Terror group who follower are happy to die for the cause are told to keep away from Europe due to threat of COVID 19

(Middle East) The so called brave warriors of Islamic state who have show an extraordinary  willingness to go out with a bang in which to further the cause , in the belief that doing so opens the gates of heaven in which to rewarded with 40 virgins , have been given instructions through their chain of command to keep well away from Europe due to the threat that the Coronavirus (COVID 19) presents to these so called warriors of vengeance. Communicating through the ISIS al-Naba newsletter an instruction has been given that the "healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it."  it then goes on to describe Covid-19 as a "plague" and a "torment sent by God on whomsoever He wills".