Friday, February 28, 2020

Syria: Russian MOD releases short video of its Spetsnaz special forces taking out Islamist jihadists

I once had the pleasure of watching a Russian Spetsnaz fellow in Bosnia, working as a UN policeman get into a tussle with a load of Afghan mujahideen (complete with pink ribbons in their hair, no seriously these guys wore pink ribbons in their long unkempt greasy hair for some very strange reason)  anyway he was working alongside a huge Canadian Military policewomen up country when our patrol popped in for a chat and a cuppa , when this group of gun totting thugs on realising he was Russian decided that as they outnumbered him so fancied their chances. Put it this way it was over before it even started and the fellow was relocated very quickly in case of reprisal attacks.

My point as special forces types go the Russia ' Spetsnaz' are as good as they get and the Russian Government has just released a short video of them, doing what they do best, taking the fight to Islamic terrorists , in this case inside Syria where they have been hunting down the worst jihadi terrorists.