Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pakistani airstrike kills 60 terrorists

(North Waziristan) In March, the Pakistani Government signed a truce with the Taliban, however, since then, as per the norms of Islamic terrorists, numerous killings have taken place, all with the signature of the Taliban behind them. Well, it seems that the Pakistani government has taken a page out the very same codex that Allah's favourite terrorists use, and today they launched a number of airstrikes against Taliban headquarters and hideouts in North Waziristan, claiming to have killed 60 terrorists, including, as they claim, "important commanders" and foreigners." (Read as Al Q)

Whilst part of Pakistan, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (to which North Waziristan belongs) has been run as a fiefdom by warlords since partition, and as such don't take kindly to government rule. They (the warlords) use religion in which to keep the locals on their side, and as such have been waging war on anybody who tries to take away their criminal empires away from them. In 2004, the Pakistani military launched an offensive against the region, in which to reclaim the area for Islamabad, and almost 28,000 killed people later, the battle is still ongoing. The problem is, the political elites don't have the will to carry out the job, and this isn't helped by how in the past, opposition politicians have campaigned in these areas promising the earth for their support.