Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is Egypt turning away from the West due to Obama?

(Cairo) After the Yom Kippur War, the Egyptian armed forces came to the conclusion that buying cheap Soviet (now Russian) weaponry was a false economy. Time and time again tiny little Israel, which used Western sourced weapons, had defeated the vastly superior in numbers Arab armies who used mainly Soviet kit. So sick of buying shitty equipment, they told the Russians to bugger off and instead bought the same as the Israelis... American. Since 1975, with an initial order for 72 M-992 APC, the US has become the arms supplier of choice for the Egyptian military.

This state of affairs remained until the 2nd of August 2012 when the US-hating Muslim Brotherhood came to power. To be blunt, these religious bigots hate everything about the US. In fact, they hate everything about all non-Muslims, and after the Jews they hate the US the most. And when the people of Egypt finally woke up to the fact that Allah can't care for all (which is why any Islamic country without huge reserves of oil is a mess), and after millions of people protested on the streets, the army took note and removed the Islamic dictator for life. Oh, how the world's liberals bitched about removing an Islamic bigot - oh, he may have worn a suit and a smile, but under Morsi: Christians were attacked, Jews were vilified and attacked, deals with Israel were broken, ties with despotic regimes were made, terrorists were given plum governmental positions, women were treated like dirt and the economy collapsed.

So with such a belligerent (and anti-US) group removed from power, you'd think the US would have been openly happy or just plain silent on the Egyptian military which, let's be honest, had done the work the CIA would/should have done. But no, Obama is a lawyer, and as such, he only sees the rights of terrorists before those of their victims, and he had the US government he leads demand that religious dictator Morsi be released from prison and given his rightful spot of hating the US.

So, with friends like these, it is no surprise that the political elites of the Middle East have taken note, and it seems they are going to break their links with the US by going back to Russia which, let's be honest, stood by its clients in the Middle East. The Egyptian government, funded by the Saudis, are looking at buying the latest Russian jet the Mig-35 (the latest iteration of the Mig-29), and the Mi-35.

All the good work previous US administrations made in building confidence in this volatile region, and a bleeding hearts lawyer of a president throws it all away because he doesn't want to offend the terrorist supporting Muslim Brotherhood. Good Move, Mr President.