Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Air strike in Somalia sends 50 al-Shabab to the great mosque in the sky

(Jilib) The African Union, which is running an anti-insurgency campaign inside Somalia battling al-Shabab in support of the Somalia government, has launched another airstrike this week against the village idiots who have used the codex written down hundreds of years ago by a pedophillic warlord in which to keep the people of Somalia oppressed and the country in the stone age.

This latest strike was aimed at the terrorist stronghold of Jilib and carried out by Kenyan strike aircraft. This follows a strike 2 days ago. Both of these appear to be supporting the latest advance against Al -Shabab by the AU which has seen the area controlled by the Islamic terrorist shrink as they lose ground to the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Kenyan forces are claiming that 50 gun totting terrorists were sent to the great mosque in the sky.