Thursday, May 29, 2014

A review of Obama's accomplishments

Spent a billion dollars on a non-functioning website... success

Turned it into a well armed Al Qaeda playground... success

Dumped pro-American leader to support pro-jihad Muslim Brotherhood... Brotherhood deposed... New government hates the US, moves towards Russia... success

Red Lines erased, policy outsourced to good friends Putin and Iran... success

Forms new energy and military alliance with Russia to counter the US... success

RESET!... success

Blames it for lack of peace in the Middle East... Israelis not thrilled with a knife in back... success

Al Qaeda
Controls more territory than ever... now receiving US and Libyan arms... success

Eastern Europe
Looks at Ukraine and figures out Capt Clueless is not Reagan... success

Spent almost a trillion dollars and too big to fail is bigger and more concentrated than ever... success

Middle Class
Since 2009, middle class family income has declined almost 10%... success

Spent a trillion dollars and couldn't create a single net new job... After 5 years of "recovery", economy contracts... success