Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tanzania: 10,000 civil servants sacked for having fake education certificates.

(Dodoma) Corruption is endemic across the third world and nowhere is it more prevalent than in Africa. In fact one of the main reasons why Africa is such a basket case, is due to the continents inability to tackle corruption.

In fact African leaders would rather defend one of their own caught with his fingers in the national bank than lambaste him. But times are slowly changing. Be it questioning the South African President regards spending £13 million on his own home. (Mr Zuma claims that the work was carried out without his knowledge) How Herbert Kabafunzaki the Ugandan state minister for labour, was arrested for soliciting a £17k bribe in which to make a sexual harassment case disappear or even how 5 judges in Nigeria have been nicked for corruption.  

Yes the place is still the most corrupt continent in the world, but hopefully things are changing for the better. Which brings me to the story of how the Tanzanian President John Magufuli has sacked nearly 10,000 civil servants for having fake education certificates. He was responding to the release of a government report into fraudulent qualifications in the public sector. The education minister said that some had been using their relatives' school certificates, while others did not appear on official records at all. This mass sacking follows how Magufuli removed more than 10,000so-called ghost workers from its public sector payroll in a crackdown on corruption last year.

Isn’t it nice to see that at least one African leader cares more about his country, than his own wallet. Kind of explains why instead of lavishing loads of money on independence day celebrations in 2015, he instead got the people to celebrate by cleaning up the country and spent the money instead on Hospitals.