Friday, July 1, 2016

UK: Church of England school removes cross in case it offends Muslims

(Huddersfield) A Church of England school has removed the cross symbol from its uniform over fears that it may offend local Muslims. Originally, the uniform badge contained a design of a cross on an oak tree, which had been designed by a pupil. Now, in a move that has prompted anger from parents at the school, the cross has been replaced by branches of the tree. Mother Niki Trepak, who has four children at the school, questioned this, saying:
"Staff said people complained about the cross yet the head says it was only temporary. Why make temporary banners and temporary uniforms?"
The school is in a diverse area with a high Muslim population, which has prompted some parents to question whether the cross had been removed over fears of causing offence.

Niki Trepak said that she had not heard any complaints from her Muslim friends.
"I've got quite a few Muslim friends at the school and I asked them does the cross offend you and they said no. This isn't about race, it's the fact they removed the cross so as to not offend. A Church of England school should keep the cross."
Chelsea Fox, another mother at the school, said:
"The offensive card is always played and this one time I was proud of something, only to have it snatched back. "I'm not only disappointed, I'm disgusted.