Thursday, July 21, 2016

US police shoot unarmed black man

(Florida) I've made it quite clear I have no time for the 'Black Lives Matter' crowd and that they have generated a vapid anti police movement across black America which simply is not justified. But the simple fact remains - the US police have a huge image problem with black people.

Yet in Florida, the police really didn't help their cause one bit when Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black mental health therapist who was in the process of looking after his ward (an autistic man with a toy truck in his hands) was shot whilst laying on his back with his hands in the air while telling the police he was a mental health therapist looking after an autistic man with a toy truck in his hand.

Police received a call that a man was threatening to shoot himself and when they came across an autistic man and his black carer, they decided to shoot first and ask questions later. When Mr Kinsey asked the man who shot him why he did it, he replied:
"I don't know."
You know what, I'd treat this as an attempted murder, jail the SOB who shot this innocent man, sue the police for millions and try and bring some sanity back to community relations. The last thing we need is more innocent policemen murdered because a trigger happy copper had a lack of common sense.