Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ramadan Death count: Syria 02/07/16

Rebels Jaish al-Islam executed a Syrian pilot whose warplane crashed east of the capital Damascus on Friday, according to the rebel group. Jaish al-Islam captured the pilot after his war jet crashed earlier on Friday over the town of Jayrud in the Qalamoun region east of Damascus. At first, the group posted online photos showing the young pilot alive in captivity. Hours later, the radical group posted a photo showing the pilot laid face down, with blood trickling out of his mouth, while the back of his head was blurred in the photo, but appeared to had taken a shot in the back of his head.

Syrian government shelling of a rebel-held town killed 31 people, including two medics, on Saturday, as a two-year local truce broke down after suspected Al Qaeda militants killed a captured regime pilot. The bombardment struck the town of Jayrud, 60km northeast of Damascus, where the army says rebels killed the pilot after he was forced to eject on Friday.

Five people were killed and several others injured in an attack by Assad regime warplane in opposition-held parts of Syria's north-western Aleppo province on Saturday

Ramadan death toll is now at 8,456