Sunday, July 3, 2016

Over 8,000 trained young Islamists back in Bangladesh from al Qaeda terror camps in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Remember Obama's famous "Al Qaeda is on the run"?
NEW DELHI: It was only a couple of months ago that Bangladesh information minister Hasan-ul Haq Inu talked about threats from Bangladeshi youths who were back in the country from Afghanistan and Pakistan after being trained at terror camps.

"According to our estimates, at least 8,000 Bangladeshi youths have returned home after being trained by al Qaida in Afghanistan and in camps in Pakistan. Ever since, the threat perception has been high. There is an alliance between the military forces, home-grown terrorists and international terror networks and we are fighting them," Inu told visiting journalists from foreign news organisations (including TOI) at his residence in Dhaka on April 14, Bangla New Year's Day , on the killings of Hindu citizens, bloggers and secular activists in Bangladesh.

"They are killing bloggers, writers, atheists and even attempted to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina but almost all the cases have been cracked," Inu claimed, adding that "more than 70 people are in jails waiting their death sentences".