Saturday, June 21, 2014

What the media isn't telling you about the ISIS advance into Iraq

(Iraq) The media this past week has been full of experts trying to explain why the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) bunch of thugs are doing so well against the much more numerous and better armed Iraqi army. Like in the early 90s and a few miles away in Yugoslavia, the Sunni Muslims (like the Serbs) feel betrayed by the rest of their so called fellow countrymen. (To the north, the Kurds and to the south, the Shia). After the Americans left, the Sunni Muslim groups who helped defeat the insurgency were sidelined by the majority Shia government in Baghdad, and of late, these groups found themselves getting arrested by Government forces. In a nutshell, the Sunni populace of Iraq feels disenfranchised.

Here is the religious breakdown of Iraq:

Now overlay that with the very rapid advance into Iraq by the Sunni ISIS terrorist group:

It's a no brainer that ISIS are rapidly advancing in predominately Sunni areas. Their advance into Kurdish areas has been effectively halted, so people willing to stop and fight them will halt their advance. With stories coming out of Iraq that Sunni towns have thrown in their support for ISIS, it can only be seen that they have picked their fellow religious cohorts over the Shia led government who they feel have stabbed them in the back.

So the question to ask is, will ISIS march into Shia controlled areas and risk losing all, or will they consolidate their hold on the areas they now rule and break away from the country as a whole? Which, let's be honest, is the best thing for Iraq in the long run. However, expect a lot of blood-letting, as both sides decide to ethnically cleanse their areas of their so called (but from different branches) Islamic brothers.

Now, why can't the media report the above?