Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iraqi army tries to take pressure off Baghdad by trying to take Tikrit

(Baghdad) The Iraqi army has launched what seems like an ambitious plan to outflank the ISIS terrorists massing on Baghdad and cut off a major artery for them by trying to take the home city of Saddam Hussein, Tikrit.

Three troop carrying helicopters (Mil Mi-17s?) landed inside the City's University first thing Thursday morning (Iraqi time) and dropped off Iraqi commandos who have now taken it and who are now expanding their area of operation (AO)l.

The helicopters, which can carry 30 paxs each, came in low and there are reports of one getting shot down. If the Iraqi Government can recaptured the city and hold it, it will deal a decisive blow to the ISIS terrorist movement. However, I do have to ask the question: only 1 troop drop? I'd be resupplying the guys on the ground with at least 10 times that number. Well, the Iraqi army is 1 million strong.