Sunday, February 23, 2020

Syria: Turkish APC takes on Syrian T72

(Idlib)  So I watched the film Fury the other night  and in the middle of the film three M4 Sherman tanks decided to take on a Tiger tank and at the end of the skit, the last remaining M4 decides to do the tango with the tiger tank. Its amazing what the script writers will knock out in which to grab the attention of the film goer, or so i thought.

The Turks in supporting the rebels in their last enclave in Syria, have this past week been kitting them out with whatever they need, Clothing, Weapons, artillery and armoured personal carriers.

One such armoured personal carrier (ACV 15) handed over to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham or HTS the biggest rebel group in the region found itself in the sights of a Syrian T72, now either the APC was a VIED which faield to go bang or the vehicle commander on realising he had been caught short and retreating would  have placed his vehicle in the tanks sights, decided to rush the T72 , and do the fandango in the hope that the Tank crew would be unable to bring their main weapon to bare. and as I mentioned above presume it was a VIED and get the hell out of dodge. Anyway enough tosh from me, camera, lights  action: