Thursday, February 20, 2020

Turkey: Seeks US protection over its adventures inside Syria.

(Ankara) Yesterday in my last post,, I mentioned how Turkey had embroiled itself in a bunfight inside Syria, regards defending its jihadi friends from the likes of Syria, Russia and Iran. At the close of my post I wrote this:

If war does kick off, the region is going to be set alight between Turkey, Syria, Russia and Iran and no doubt Turkey will try and pull the rest of NATO in. 
Well guess what.  Ankara has just done that, when last night Hulusi Akar the Turkish defence minister went public on CNN Turk  requesting the US deploy 2 Patriot missile batteries to the south of the country in which to defend Turkish forces from Russian air attack which today saw another 2 Turkish soldiers killed in an airstrike.

The supreme irony here, is that in 2007 Ankara opened up a competition for a long range Anti-Aircraft missile and ended up picking the Russian S400 over the US Patriot missile. A purchase which has seen Turkey ostracised from certain NATO projects (Such as the F35 stealth fighter program) and yet here we are a few months after Turkey took delivery of said missiles from Moscow, with them now requesting the US deploy the missile that lost out to defend them from Syria and its mates.