Sunday, October 28, 2018

Syria: Female ISIS member claims she was tricked into going to Syria and wants to go to England.

(Syria)  In Northern Syria, the Kurds have under lock and key a lot of ISIS followers. A large number of whom are from European countries and who are being promoted by the left and the media as..victims. I mentioned the other day the story about how Ashraf Mahmud Islam wanted to be relocated from a Kurdish prison to a British one so he could be near his family, despite the fact that they are in Pakistan. Well next up we have a woman who claims she was tricked into going to Syria to join ISIS and that all she wants to do is leave the area and go to England as where she is, is no place to bring up her children. Yet despite her protestations that she was tricked into joining ISIS, she still subscribes to the tenets of the radical form of Islam practised by ISIS by remaining completely covered up. Do we really need to import such polarised, bigoted people into the UK?