Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Israel: US BDS student activist who picked Israel to do her masters , denied entry.Cries foul play.

(Jerusalem) 22 year Lara Alqasem decided that she wanted to do her master’s degree on Human rights  in Israel. So she applied and was accepted by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. So she packed her bags and flew out last Tuesday. However when she tried to go through passport control, her name was flagged as a former president of the Students for Justice in Palestine group, which promotes boycott campaigns against Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. (BDS) and she was asked to leave the country as per Israeli law for being a member of a BDS group.

Makes you wonder how somebody who foams at the mouth when anything to do with Israel comes up, would pick a Jewish university in Israel. Well for this young lady, she found out the hard way that school boy politics don’t transfer over really well in the real world and instead of flying back to the US as she was ordered to, she decided to appeal and has spent the past week locked up.  Naturally she is the victim in all of this, she has no internet, no access to the phone (but still managed to speak to her mother in the states) her bed is full of bed bugs, well so her mother states and she has nothing to do.

The universities on both sides of the world are demanding  that Israel do the right thing and let her in, stating that she left the BDS group well behind , which is strange as she was president of her BDS chapter from 2016 to 2017. However Israel may allow her to remain. Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan, in a radio interview stated that he would rethink his decision to expel her if she apologizes and renounces her support for BDS.
"If Lara Alqasem will tomorrow in her own voice, not through all kinds of lawyers or statements that can be misconstrued, say that support for BDS is not legitimate and she regrets what she did, we will certainly reconsider our position,"
Oh dear, Israel is going to make a foaming at the mouth hater eat her own words. This I have to see.