Thursday, July 31, 2014

Turkish court reduces sentence for man who stabbed wife due to the fact that she was wearing tights

(Erzurum) When a Turkish man saw his wife sit in the back seat of the car of a male friend she had known for 14 years at a service station on route to pick up her sister and brother, he saw red. And calling upon the powers of 'Gray skull' by uttering 'Allah ackba' he drew forth his trusty sword and stabbed his wife enough to put her in hospital.

In court, his defence pleaded that the reason why he did so was down to the fact his wife was wearing tights and thus she was acting “provocative”. As this is the country where only the other day the deputy prime minister said women should refrain from laughing, 'Turkish He-man' saw his prison sentence cut from 15 years to 6.

I see that Islam really does protect the rights of women.