Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (Middle East) (July 27, 2014)

(Iraq) The Iraqi Air Force hit an ISIL convoy and killed 29 of them of southern Tikrit on Saturday.

The security forces discovered 14 corpses of the ISIL terrorists killed in infighting between themselves and other terrorist groups of northeastern Baquba on Saturday.

4 civilians were killed when a car bomb exploded in central Baquba.

Tashwan al-Hadidi, an ISIS leader who was the idiot behind the murders of Shia prisoners in Mosul was himself killed today.

The Iraqi government has stated that 200 ISIL terrorists were killed by the Air Force while bombing Ghaiydan Camp of Daqooq district of southern Kirkuk.

15 terrorists were killed in Anbar.

Security forces killed 21 terrorists in Salah-il-Din.

4 Peshmerga soldiers were killed and 8 people injured when a car bomb exploded near a Peshmerga security headquarters in Diyala.

(Syria) Jihadists kill 50 Syrian troops in an ambush, summarily executing most of them after their capture.

A car bomb was detonated in a northern Syrian town, killing 4 and injuring 7 others. Also, a Syrian army helicopter was shot down, killing 4 people.

Car bomb killed 7 in Homs. Tthe vehicle exploded on Sunday in the Arman neighbourhood, home to mostly minority Christians and Alawites.

(Yemen) Two soldiers and 10 militants were killed on Sunday in attempted car bomb attacks on army posts and subsequent clashes in Yemen’s southern province Abyan.

Ramadan death count is now at 7,659.