Thursday, July 31, 2014

Greek farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi workers for demanding more pay walk free from court

(Patras) Last April, Greek farmers opened fire with shotguns on immigrant (cheap labour) workers who had asked to be paid for six months of unpaid labour. Dozens were injured, four of them severely.

Later investigations found that the workers had been living and working in squalid conditions without basic sanitation, and the case brought attention to the plight of foreign workers in Greece's desperate economy.

Well, for the crime of opening fire, the farmers had their day in court, and what do you know, today, 2 of the farmers were allowed to walk free from court, and 2 others who were found guilty and sentenced to 14 years and seven months and eight years and seven months respectively were also allowed to walk free from court.

So much for Greece being the home of democracy.