Friday, October 11, 2019

UK: Mohammed who travelled to Syria in which to fight with Al Qaida jailed after he was recognised by his voice print on a propaganda video.

(London) 26 year old Mohammed Yamin travelled to Syria to fight with al Qaida  in 2013, there he gave an interview to VICE news where he expressed his hatred for the Uk.

After doing his bit for radical Islam and violent terrorism , he returned to the Uk and picked up where he had left off and presumed he had got away scot free. However in 2017 police were called to central London alerted to a man acting suspiciously behind the 'Women at War' memorial on Whitehall. Which just happens to be directly opposite 10 Downing st, the home of the British PM

Mohammed, who had been filming the landmark on his mobile phone, was recorded by the body-worn cameras of the responding officers, telling them his name and address, but initially provided incorrect answers to other simple questions. This during a period of heightened security in the Uk after a number of Islamist terrorist attacks had killed 34 people, injured 100s more and just days after the London bridge terror attacks   Unfortunately for bugger lugs, the police managed to trace his voice to the idiot in the mask above and today in court he received a 10 year prison sentence for his  membership of a proscribed organisation and preparing acts of terrorism,

Mohammed Yamin,
But get this his lawyer tried to play the victim-card for this Islamic terrorist who was certainly planning to carry out a terrorist attack:
Defence lawyer Hossein Zahir said in mitigation that his client was deaf in one ear, effectively blind in one eye, and "completely rejected his previous mindset". He said Yamin was "deeply remorseful and struggling with what he did".
Yeah right, doesn't explain what the twat was doing carrying out a reconnaissance mission and what makes this even worse is the Al Q operative was actually supported in court by his family. Really?  and all we hear from the left and Islamic pressure groups is..Islamophobia.