Thursday, October 17, 2019

Iran: Questions raised about that Missile attack on Iranian tanker.

(Tehran)   Since the US pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, (Aka Iranian Nuke deal) where Iran was rewarded for curbing its belligerent nature for a few years , they have simply gone semi public with their bad boy of the neighbour hood antics. So we've had attacks on tankers, the hijacking of tankers, missile attacks on oil facilities , the kidnapping of dual citizens and the world instead of treating the mad mullahs for the infantile children they are, they have simply looked the other-way (Aka appeasement)  whilst blaming the US, as that is the easy thing to do.

Well the latest engineered event where Iran gets to play the victim was the mysterious explosions on board an oil tanker surreptitiously on route to Syria via the Red sea and Suez canal. According to the mad Mullahs the tanker Sabiti was struck at 5am local time by an anti-ship missile and then again 20 minutes later by another leading to oil leaks 60 miles off the coast of Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The Iranians as usual have blamed the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel for this latest provocation. The strange thing is whilst the media has been happy to swallow the line that Saudi Arabia was behind this. They kind of left out that along that coastline Saudi Arabia has 21 desalination plants in fact Jeddah has 3, with another 4 in close proximity

You see Jeddah is the gate way for the millions of pilgrims who visit Mecca as part of their religious observation  and as Saudi is a dry country (as in a lack of natural water) it has to use desalination plants to fill its need.  so attacking a huge oil tanker just off the coast would be a very bad idea and something of a huge own goal. Well The Iranians are still adamant that they are the victims here and have released pictures of the stricken taker which has now turned around and is making its way back to Iran.

The thing about those pictures is that they are simply too clinical .  The missiles struck just above the water line. No Anti-ship missile does that , sea skimmers operate between 4 to 5 metres above sea level. Why do they do that? Because the sea has waves and there would be nothing worse than having a low flying missile impacting into the sea. But it gets better. Pictures of oil poring out of the ship show that the explosions happened on the waterline

As the ship has lost oil , it has risen out of the water as can be seen from the top picture. Then there's the damage to the ship. Here is a picture of HMS Sheffield after it was struck by an anti ship missile in 1982

and here is one of the USS Stark after it was hit by a couple of anti-ship missiles :

And here the damage the Iranian tanker incurred after getting hit twice by anti-ship missiles.

But it gets better. The ship was struck 20 minutes apart by 2 different missiles , yet both managed to impact within feet of each other on a moving ship, out at sea where we have waves and a swell. How could that be. Well some people out there think they know how. But that would mean the Iranians blow up their own ship.