Friday, October 11, 2019

Germany: Far right racist Bigot goes on Gun and grenade rampage kills 2

On Wednesday 29 year old German citizen Stephan Balliet,decided to take his homemade gun and whilst live steaming himself decided to attack a synagogue in Halle during a Yom Kippur service Fortunately for everybody inside, the explosives he placed against the door failed to go off and the flammable liquid he sprayed failed to ignite. In frustration he decided to shoot an innocent woman walking past, before going around the corner and attacking a Turkish food store where he murdered another. He then hijacked a Taxis, injuring another before he was captured by the police a few miles away. Where he apparently gave himself up without a struggle.

Apparently this nutter was loner who spent all his time playing computer games. Who had decided that all the ills of the world are caused by the Jew and immigrants and so he decided to do something about it.

Which does make me ask, do these idiots who shoot up places whilst filming themselves think they are in computer game? Also why do all these advocates of white racial purity look like they have an extra chromosome and get great pleasure from licking windows:

Window Licker Stephan Balliet
Personally I would simply take him around the corner and save the taxpayer a load of time and effort. But hey these people have their human rights