Sunday, October 6, 2019

France: Police worker who murdered 4 inside Police station was a rabid Islamist.

(Paris)  Last week saw 45 year old Mickael Harpon, a civilian IT worker for the French police walk into Paris police headquarters with a ceramic knife and murder 4 people simply because he didn't like working alongside women and having a female as a boss. As is always the case when the person in the spotlight is a Muslim (in this case a convert for only 18 months) The media and authorities tried to pass off the violent incident as a simply a work problem. However it has now transpired that Harpon had been in contact with members of Salafism, an ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam, and defended "atrocities committed in the name of that religion”. That he had supported the Charlie Hebdo attacks in 2015 and had changed his attire in recent months, shunning "all Western clothes in favour of traditional garments to visit the mosque. yet and a big yet he worked in a section of the police service dedicated to collecting information on jihadist radicalisation. Harpon held a high-level "defence secrets" security clearance, which authorised him to handle sensitive information of national defence importance and would have subjected him to regular, stringent security checks.

 Mickael Harpon
Questions are now been asked how the Anti-terrorist branch he worked for, missed all these signs for somebody who worked for them. It seems that the constant cries of victimhood, of racism and Islamophobia are nothing more than a ploy by those who want to wage a religious war in which to allow them to carry out their murderous agenda