Thursday, February 8, 2018

Syria: US kill over 100 Syrian regime troops

(Deir ez-Zur) The US Airforce killed at least 100 Syrian regime and allied fighters , destroyed 9 tanks and about 20 technicals in which to stem an attack on their rear.

The airstrikes took place after an attack by around 500 troops backed by tanks and artillery took place on positions held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir Ezzor province in the east of the country.  The positions were 5 miles inside an agreed-upon Euphrates River de-confliction line, so the SDF called in artillery and airstrikes in which to send the message to the Syrians to get back across the river. 1 SDF soldier was hurt in the exchange. What makes this incident and loss of life even more pathetic is that the Kurds are still fighting ISIS in the region as this ISIS video from last week shows:
It appears the Syrians wanted to gain a little extra ground whilst the Kurds were concentrating on ISIS. Big mistake.