Thursday, February 8, 2018

North Korea: Fat bastard hosts Military parade in which to show off his big package.

(Pyongyang)  Whilst the obese dictator for life has no problem playing the victimcard for the worlds snowflakes  regards the US. He himself doesn't subscribe to the rules he sets for others. Which is why hours before the Winter Olympics kicks off south of the border in South Korea. He had his troops carry out a full on military parade early today in which to allow him to masturbate in front of the world about how hard he is. No you fat useless git , it shows the world what a cunt you are. I mean  what dickhead came out with an idea to host a full on military parade when the outside temperature is around minus 5. The parade started at 10am finished at 1130 and the plebs would have been outside at least an hour before and in all that time the vast majority would have had to stand still.

Anyway, whilst fat boy wanted the world to see his big rockets, they were more interested in how much weight he had put on, not bad for somebody in a country where malnutrition is more common than pictures of the great leader.