Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Malaysia: Islamists says only Muslims will make policy should they come to power this year.

(Kuala Lumpur)  Malaysia like many countries hosts elections every 5 years and the next one takes place in May this year.  The PAN Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) is an Islamist political party which is hoping to win power and if it does it has already stated that it is going to throw equality for all out of the window and only allow Muslims to rule.
Its leader Abdul Hadi Awang came out with the following over the weekend:
"If PAS rules, it (the administration) will be divided into two. One, a cabinet that decides on national policies. This must consist of people who adopt the national ideology and faith,"
Hadi stated just as much last month when he said the Malaysian government should only be led by Malay-Muslims,  also over the weekend he came out with:
“‘Caste’ is not integral to Christian doctrine and practice, and ‘pastors’ are not considered ‘sacred’ and above reproof, albeit they are called to perform holy duties on behalf of the people of God and live holy lives,”
Strange how in places where Muslims are the majority there is no such thing as equal rights for Non-Muslims or women, yet where they are the minority they demand equality by playing the victim card Funny enough in the West it is deemed ‘Islamophobic’ if you question why Muslims are such a blood thirsty crowd.